688-VAUT Work Gloves Disposables Blue vinyl glove.
Blue vinyl glove. Applications: Tasks that require a great deal of tact, such as pharmacies, laboratories, handling of parts, workshops, electronics... and handling in general where there is a slight risk but there is a need for protection against spills and to protect the product being handled.

Features and Advantages
• Blue vinyl glove powder free, very thin with good tactile sensibility.
• Vinyl is a substance that provides excellent resistance to abrasion, as well as against fats, oils and hydrocarbons.
• Made with a vinyl of a very high quality (does not smell of petrol).
• Protein free, so it does not cause allergies.
• Manufactured under the quality management system ISO 13485.
• Blue colour which is a colour that does not appear in the natural foods industry and allows the glove to be easily detected if lost.
Size S|M|L
EN 420
Válido para industria de alimentación.
Válido para industria de alimentación.


  • 1 Minimum units
  • 10 Packaging units
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