1688-BTS PRO Safety Footwear Split Classic Mod. “PRAXIS”. Trekking boot with membrane, manufactured in micro fiber in S 3
1688-BTS PRO
Mod. “PRAXIS”. Trekking boot with membrane, manufactured in micro fiber in S 3 "Metal Free " outsole Ultralight of Polyurethane double density SRC. Applications:
General Use (Safety Footwear) and especially jobs where footwear is required without non-conductive metal parts (Metal Free), with a high anti-slip co-efficient (SRC) or a lighter footwear is needed (with non-metallic protections) and more flexible (with anti-perforation non-metallic insole). Extreme outdoor activities and work, with a high physical effort.

Features and Advantages:
• "AnibalTex" membrane, which combines a high impermeability (protection against cold, wind and water) with a high breathability (evacuation of water vapor from sweating by physical exercise).
• Micro fiber fabric with high breathability, lightness and resistance, and very easy to clean.
• "Metal Free". Footwear without metallic components. Anti-perforation template and non-metallic safety stop. • Ultralight Bidensidad Polyurethane sole, very light and with the maximum anti-slip co-efficient.
Category: S3 WR SRC WRU CI E A EN20345.
Size 38|39|40|41|42|43|44|45|46|47
EN20345 S3
Resistente a 200 J
Resistant to 200 J
Plantilla antiperforación
Antiperforation insole
Antistatic footwear
Repelente al agua
Water repellent
Resistente a los aceites
Resistant to oil
Resistente a hidrocarburos
Resistant to hydrocarbons
Absorción de choques
Shock absorbing
Suela antideslizante
Anti-slip sole
Puntera reforzada
Reinforced toe
Metal free
Metal free


  • 1 Minimum units
  • 10 Packaging units
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