1588-BAD Safety Footwear Polymeric boots special risks Mod. “Water boot for security and electrical risk
Mod. “Water boot for security and electrical risk" Safety water boot SB (safety stop) certified for electrical risk according to EN50321 Cl. 0 (Insulating shoes Class 0). Applications:
General Use (Safety footwear) with presence of water and without it, and with electrical risk.
• All types of work with electrical risk (energy, industrial maintenance, chemical plants, electricians, telecommunications).
• Only footwear manufactured entirely with polymers (Class 2), water boot type, guarantees electrical insulation according to the only standard of electrical risk at present. Safety footwear in leather or microfiber, even if metal free, should not be used as electrically insulating footwear.

Features and Advantages:
• Safety water boot made with a special mixture of PVC and nitrile rubber with high electrical resistance. It allows the electrical isolation of the worker on the feet, even in the presence of water. Composite safety stop. Anti-slip resistance SRA. Very resistant to abrasion for durability. Resistant to hydrocarbons FO.
Category: SB FO SRA.
Size 3940|41|42|43|4445|46|47
EN20345 SB EN50321 Clase 0. Calzado aislante de la electricidad en instalaciones de baja tensión. Clase 0 (1.000V en c.a. y 1500V en c.c.).


  • 1 Minimum units
  • 6 Packaging units
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