1688ZREPRONE Safety Footwear Basic Line Shoe mod. 'TARRACO'. Black leather shoe S3 'Metal Free' with dual density polyurethane sole.
Shoe mod. 'TARRACO'. Black leather shoe S3 'Metal Free' with dual density polyurethane sole. Applications: General use (Safety Footwear) and especially jobs where there is high moisture impact (S3), jobs requiring footwear without nonconductive metal parts (Metal Free), with high anti-slip coefficient (SRC) or when lighter (with non-metallic protection) and more flexible (with non-metallic anti-perforation insole) footwear is needed.

Characteristics and benefits: Black leather S3
'Metal Free'. Footwear without metal components. Anti-perforation insole and non-metallic safety stop.
Polyurethane dual density sole maximum anti-slip SRC ratio.
Category: S3 SRC WRU E A EN20345.
Size 42
EN20345 S3
Resistente a 200 J
Resistant to 200 J
Plantilla antiperforación
Antiperforation insole
Antistatic footwear
Repelente al agua
Water repellent
Resistente a los aceites
Resistant to oil
Resistente a hidrocarburos
Resistant to hydrocarbons
Absorción de choques
Shock absorbing
Suela antideslizante
Anti-slip sole
Puntera reforzada
Reinforced toe


  • 1 Minimum units
  • 10 Packaging units
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