GALC Other protective gear Hydroalcoholic gels   Hydroalcoholic gel ALIN 500 ml.
Hydroalcoholic gel ALIN 500 ml. Hydroalcoholic gel with glycerin is an alcohol-based product formulated for the exclusive purpose of Cleaning and Hygiene of healthy skin. This product contains Glycerin as an emollient agent that helps hydration and brings softness to the consumer's skin, improving the necessary protection during use. It complies with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) on hydroalcoholic solutions, therefore, suitable for disinfection against COVID19. Its use is ideal in those situations where there is no access to the use of soap and water (transport, shops, working points, public spaces, etc.), that is, cleaning of the skin especially without rinsing with water.
Contains isopropyl alcohol as recommended by the WHO, with greater disinfecting power than ethanol.
Ethyl Alcohol: 35 - 45% (w / w).
Water: 25 - 35% (p / p). Isopropyl alcohol: 25 - 35% (w / w).
Glycerin: 1 - 5% (w / w)

CPNP (Cosmetic Products).
Covid 19

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  • 1 Minimum units
  • 12 Packaging units
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