1888-C20 Height Protection Anchor points Lifelines cables.
Lifelines cables. Features:
Vertical lifeline strings of 12mmØ, 20 meters, with steel screw carabiner and thimbles.
• Semistatic.
• Polyester braided rope to be used with WIND device. Ref. 1888-DFA
• Minimum resistance 22 KN.

Uses and functions:
In jobs with vertical displacements with risk of falling, holding by the WIND anti-fall device to the user at each point of the rope. Important note. Life line cords are not considered an epi in themselves and must always be used with sliding fall arrest devices according to EN353-2. Therefore, never use the harness directly, but using the sliding fall arrester (WIND).
Size U
EN353-2 Sliding anti-fall devices with flexible anchor line EN354 Lanyards
enganche esternal
Sternal hook
enganche dorsal
Dorsal hook
enganche de asiento
Seat hook


  • 1 Minimum units
  • 3 Packaging units
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